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Come si gioca a Wheelie Cross?

Do a wheelie and don’t let the front wheel touch the ground in this fun riding game! Wheelie Cross is an easy-to-play game that will teach you how to do wheelies on all kinds of bikes. Try to keep your balance and tackle the obstacles along the way.

If you like racing games and motorbikes, this is the one for you! Try to perform the longest wheelie ever as you collect coins and unlock new vehicles – a trial bike, a unicorn ride, a real chopper, a café racer, a steam-punk model, one for Fortnite fans, a shopping cart, a futuristic motorcycle, a scooter, an ATV, a vintage bike or a superbikes.

What’s good in Wheelie Cross?
- 12 different rides that will amaze you with their physics and fun controls.
- Ranking scores to challenge your friends.
- Unique graphics and amazing motorcycles!
- Fun hours on end riding your favorite bike.

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