How to become a youtuber by sharing your videos on Miniplay

Link your account and be the star

Dici qualcosa!

How it works?

  • Link your YouTube account

    Your videos will be added to our new videos section and your games related videos will be available to watch for our millions of users. To connect your account, go to the Preferences section and click on “Connect with YouTube”. Simple and easy.

  • Tag and title your gameplays

    Tag your gameplays and choose a proper title when uploading videos to YouTube and they will be featured on the Miniplay games. Remember that your videos must be tagged with category 'Game' in Youtube. And keep in mind that if you don’t use correctly this feature, your videos will be removed from Miniplay.

  • Get rewards

    If your videos are good enough, you will receive more viewers and they could be even featured on the videos section. Also linking your account and adding gameplays will give you special rewards like trophies or gems.

  • Manage your videos

    Once your account is connected, your videos will appear at your profile in a brand new section

Link your YouTube account

Connecting your YouTube account is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow the three steps and get your gameplay videos live at Miniplay


Link your account

Link your Youtube account from your Preferences panel and start sharing your gameplay videos with millions of Miniplay users all around the world


Upload gameplays

Upload gameplays of your favourite games of Miniplay and don’t forget to title and tag them properly on YouTube.


Your gameplays are live!

Wait a bit until we check and review your videos. Then we will publish your gameplays at Miniplay and you will be the star!