Be a football expert and win!

World’s top football players will be at Russia this summer fighting to be the best football team in the world. In Miniplay we prepared a special event so you can show how much do you know about football. Choose wisely between the participant teams and get incredible rewards.

Guess the result

Guess the winner and the results of every match on each round and get points showing how much you know about football.

Show your knowledge

Each country has a special bonus question with extra points. Will you know all the answers?

Get your rewards

Win exclusive trophies and tons of gems. Will you be the top footballer this year?

How it works

Choose the result of each match and answer the bonus question. Each result will give you points and the more points you have, the better your reward will be!

Guess Result
Guess Winner
Guess Bonus Question

Points by round

Once the matches are in further rounds, you will get more points per match!

Round of 16
Semifinals and 3rd place

Match calendar

Group phase
Round of 16
Semi finals
Third place


Change your avatar

Defend your colors and support your favourite team with these new elements!

New Shield Elements

Defend your colors and support your favourite team with these new elements!

Giochi correlati

Get a x2 booster in football games before the World Cup is over!

Regolamento del concorso


You can take part in this event from June 14th to July 15th 2018.

Every time and date is stated according to the Miniplay Team’s time zone (20:32).

Come partecipare

During each one of the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup matches, the user can guess the corresponding result and answer a simple question about what may happen during the game. All questions refer to the playing time.

Check-in will be open until 5 minutes before the start of each match. Until then, the user can edit their predictions as many times as necessary. Once the match starts, no guesses or predictions can be edited.

Each time the user guesses the exact result of a match, answers the question correctly or guesses the winner/drawing team, they will get the following points:

  • Correct result: 75 points
  • Winning/Drawing team: 25 points
  • Correct answer to the question: 15 points

Each time the World Cup advances to the next stage, the number of points will be multiplied according to this list:

  • Top 16: points are multiplied by 2
  • Quarterfinals: points are multiplied by 2
  • Semifinals: points are multiplied by 4
  • Final: points are multiplied by 8


Users can use these points to unlock rewards such as trophies, Gems and experience.

Besides this, the top 11 users in this event will get a unique trophy, Football guru.


2.500 and 1.250 and a trophy, Silver ball

10.000 and 5.000 and a trophy, Golden ball

50.000 and 1.000 and a trophy, Football guru


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