Create your own Creepypasta characters and be the protagonist of the most terrifying stories

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The stories

We have found the most shivering characters and stories in some of our favorite videogames, with breath-taking characters. Many of them are staying at Miniplay to torment your avatar. Here are the most baffling Creepypasta stories...

Tails Doll

Tells the story that a young guy unlocked Tails Doll character in the Sonic R game just before he died in mysterious circumstances. After the funeral, the kid's mother gave his Sega Saturn to a friend, where he could confirm that the character was unlocked. Days later, he was found dead the same way. His bedroom had the initials TD on the wall...


After finding a mysterious Sonic The Hedgehog ROM called Sonic.exe, Tom started suffering a series of paranormal and strange events. What seemed to be a series of hidden secret levels of the game, soon would start being the most real and macabre nightmare...

Ben Drowned

A student called Matt bought a second hand version of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask to an old man in a flee market. The game seemed to be cursed by a young guy called Ben. Deleting his previous saved game probably was never a good idea...

Slender Man

It is tall and thin, faceless and always dressed in a suit. It usually appears in the woods and can hypnotize people to dominate them as he wants. From his back it can feature many arms that looks like a spider. If you find it, you better run. Maybe it is not too late yet...

The Rake

The aren't many informations about this strange terrifying creature. Some people think it is a naked man or a hairless dog, always featured in a mysterious gesture. Like it was crashed by a car or it had a terrible accident. Who once saw it will never forget how it looked...


It was a Minecraft game like any other, until from the fog appeared a mysterious unknown player. It was Herobrine, who turned to be the same character name that the game creator's brother used in the past. Everything seemed normal if only the brother hadn't die long time ago...

Jeff the Killer

A young guy called Jeff, suffering from bullying, decide to revenge killing his aggresors ending with his face cover in acid, giving him a very grotesque look. Ever since, Jeff has been appearing at night whispering his victims 'go to sleep' before killing them...

Una grande opportunità

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  • Opzioni

    Oltre 100 oggetti tra cui scegliere e migliaia di combinazioni possibili

  • Promozioni

    Fino al 60% di sconto acquistando gemme o minicoins

  • Esclusività

    Vesti il ​​tuo avatar con elementi mai visti in Minigiochi


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